Dan Ribacoff

Dan Ribacoff is a Brazilian-American private investigator and polygraph expert. Best known for his work as the "Polygraph Guy" on The Steve Wilkos Show, Dan Ribacoff has also appeared on several TV shows to conduct polygraphs, such as Impractical Jokers, Basketball Wives, Brain Games, and The Today Show. In addition to his career on TV, he has founded two companies and is highly skilled in all areas of his field.

Private Investigator

Dan Ribacoff is rated as one of the top 15 private investigators in the US. He has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of investigating. Ribacoff specializes in personal & domestic investigations, special risk claims, corporate & business investigations, surveillance investigations, computer forensics, and security & protection (both armed and unarmed).

In 1990, Dan Ribacoff founded his very own private investigation company, International Investigative Group, which he owns and operates alongside his family. With his firm, Ribacoff has closed some monumental investigations, such as a $120 million bank fraud case, locating $180 million worth of assets belonging to the Iranian government, and a technical investigation of the 1993 world trade center bombings, among over 10,000 other cases. When it comes to experience and training, Dan Ribacoff's investigative skills are simply unmatched.

Polygraph Examiner

Nicknamed "The Lie Detective", Dan Ribacoff is one of the world's foremost polygraph experts today. Ribacoff is highly trained in lie detection and the use of polygraph machines. He has attained education from the Marston Polygraph Academy in Advanced Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing and the United States Department of Defense in polygraphs. Ribacoff and his polygraph firm, Indepth Polygraphs, have worked with the City of New York and the NYPD in testing for criminal allegations, employee theft, protection extortion, movement issues, family issues, misuse charges, media, etc.

In addition to his polygraph company and his work with the City of New York, Dan Ribacoff has also delivered justice to countless guests on the set of The Steve Wilkos Show over the years. Not only does he find out the truth for the people who come on the show, but him and the crew have used their polygraph results to help later convict and lock up people who were proven guilty of crimes on the show.

Credibility Assessments

Dan Ribacoff is an expert in conducting credibility assessments, which is a way of telling when someone is lying or not, without the use of any lie detecting machine. He is able to figure out the truthfulness of any statement by picking up on vocal cues, physical signs, and even in the way that someone structures their answer to a question. In a blog post on his personal site, Ribacoff states that a simple answer is normally a truthful answer. If someone complicates their sentence structure by adding in fillers, such as repeating the question when answering or saying "like" or "um", it gives them that little bit of extra time that they need for their brain to fabricate a more believable lie. Dan Ribacoff truly is a human-lie-detector.

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