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Our expert team of Private Investigators is the best in the business. With over 10,000 cases solved, there's nothing that we can't handle.

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Offered Services.

Here are a few of the many services that we provide for our clients:

Security & Personal Protection

There are many reasons for the use of armed guards. For any situation, we offer the right security and armed protection solutions.

Personal Investigations

Our highly experienced team can develop and provide solutions for an array of personal and family-related matters.

Computer Forensics

In a digital world of computers and smartphones, we provide computer forensics and ediscovery needed for both simple and complex cases.


Surveillance investigations should be carried out by professionals so that the subject is not aware that they are under surveillance.


Our Polygraph experts are certified by the American Polygraph Association and have decades of experience in finding out the truth.

Corporate Investigations

We are experts in this field and can uncover wrongdoing committed by third parties, employees and management teams.

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Insurance Companies

When insurance companies engage private investigators, they are able to uncover false claims much faster than they would on their own.

Self-Insured Organizations

We handle a vast number of personal property damage and business premises matter every year. Simple white-collar crimes are another example of matters we handle for our clients, no matter how small.


School administrators might not think that they need the a private investigator. However, there are many reasons why a school would require a PI. Click to learn more.


Corporations often need our services for a variety of purposes: conducting background checks, investigating employee fraud, collusion, etc.

Individual Clients

With over 10,000 cases under our belt, there is practically nothing that we have not seen or solved before. Call or email us to have an investigator assigned to your unique case.


Legal areas where private investigation services can make a difference in a case are on insurance claim cases, business mergers and acquisitions among many others.


It is getting harder to keep things private and feel safe in a time where the nature of threats is constantly evolving. Our highly trained staff have serviced a large number of celebrities for protection and privacy.

Police & Government Agencies

We provide external investigations for government agencies and we offer our unique technical skills to aid with police investigations.

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